Your Visit

Your Visit

Your initial consultation with Nick is similar to a consultation you may have with your GP.
•  On your first visit, the Osteopath will learn about your medical history, including any serious illnesses, accidents, broken bones and operations you have had in the past to consider whether any of these may be a factor in the current problem you have.

•  The Osteopath will then carry out an examination to find an appropriate diagnosis of your problem. Once this is completed, the Osteopath will decide if the problem you have can be treated.

•  Your Osteopath will then explain what’s wrong with you, as well as the best Osteopath practice for treating you moving forward. At this point, you will be given an indication of the amount of treatments you may need, also the costs behind this. If for your particular issue the Osteopath is unable to treat you, they may make suggestions of other treatments that may be more suitable and advise you visit your doctor.
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There is no fixed length of time for each appointment, but generally they will last between 20-30 minutes, dependant on the conditions. Nick is committed in achieving the best results for each and every patient. Please consider that which is achieved within the consultation room only counts for a portion of Nick’s, or any Osteopaths work.
For more information or to book an appointment with an Osteopath in Horsham call us on
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