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Pain is exhausting, debilitating, and ruins life. Don't delay in getting it fixed before it becomes a chronic problem. Orthodox medicine is hands off, Emens Osteopathy is hands on. 

I became an osteopath, because I wanted to help people to feel better and to leave their pain behind. I have spent many hours in private practice and working in a hospital, seen thousands of patients, and truly believe my approach will work with you as it does for the majority of my patients. I am very confident osteopathy works for most people, especially the most sceptical. If you want to try it you have nothing to lose, it is non-invasive relatively painless, and works. It is based on sound physiological principles and I am happy to refund your fee if you are not entirely satisfied.

I have had many very satisfied patients/clients. Please see my testimonials below.

We are registered with the General Osteopathic Council.
Osteopath in Horsham

Osteopath in Horsham

Nick trained at the British School of Osteopathy in London. As a registered Osteopath, Nick is a registered member of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Like the GMC the GOsC protects you by ensuring that Osteopaths meet the required professional standards each year. Registered GOsC Osteopaths are committed to their profession and continued learning throughout their career with an ongoing programme to support this.

With a degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences from the University of Birmingham, Nick has a wealth of experience in sports. He has taught both children and adults Windsurfing, Sailing and Skiing in France, Switzerland and the USA. He has also competed in Athletics, Skiing and Rugby at a high level. Nick’s main interests are in sports injuries and optimal health development through individually tailored treatments. Nick treats a variety of conditions ranging from the classic ‘bad back’ to headaches.
qualified Osteopath
Back pain treatment

What Can We Treat?

•  Back pain
•  Arthritic pains
•  Muscle spasms
•  Sciatica
•  Tension
•  Frozen Shoulder
•  Minor Sports injuries


Chris Pratt
Owner and Managing Director of Paper Hat Consulting

Nick is an experienced and highly skilled osteopath who I have used over a period of several years. I trust his judgement completely and always have every confidence that his treatment is the right one for me. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly.

November 6, 2012, Chris was Nick's client

Charles Lennard
Sales Director at Weigandt Consulting

Nick is a very experienced and helpful practitioner that I would recommend to anyone. Nick inspires confidence, and delivers results.

October 31, 2012, Charles was Nick's client

Emma Mitchell
Business Development Director at 10Eighty

After many years of back trouble and having seen many Osteopaths I finally by chance made an appointmernt with Nick. From day one he had a very detailed apparoach taking time to understand my problem, he soon got to the route of the problem (which had never happened before) and now with regular maintenance I have a virtually pain free back! I have recommended Nick to many friends and the feedback is always the same, whether its a long term problem or a short term injury. I have often been quoted as saying "he is one of my favourite people" As I no longer have a life with a painful back!

October 31, 2012, Emma was Nick's client

Pauline Latham
Centre Manager at Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre

Nick's treated me for neck and shoulder problems and on-going back problems from time to time over several years. Have been impressed with his professional approach, understanding and explanations of my problems and treatment options provided, which has been very helpful, reassuring and inspired confidence. I have had far more help for these problems and encouraging results from Nick's treatment than from any other provider to whom I have been referred previously. It is important for a patient to be able to be seen sooner rather than later especially when in pain and to feel that one's welfare and progress matters. I would thoroughly recommend Nick for all these reasons. Pauline Latham

October 29, 2012, Pauline was Nick's client

David Tilsley
Senior Director, Global Risk Management EMEA at Oracle

Nick is a first class osteopath and acupuncturist and has helped me hugely with arthritis in my fingers. My wife has also been a patient of his too and is very happy with him too. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a first class osteopath.

October 29, 2012, David was Nick's client

John Le Rossignol
Owner, JE Enterprise Consulting and Information Technology and Services Specialist. Board Member of Alvarium

Nick is very competent and professional....results were excellent

July 8, 2011, John was Nick's client

Emens Clinic

Hurst Cottage
Golding Lane
Mannings Heath
West Sussex
RH13 6JX

Tel: 01403 272 144
Mob: 07762 711 008 
Horsham Clinic

18 Carfax
RH12 1AB

Tel: 07762 711 008
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